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Brand Innovation

When thinking about product and brand innovation — what seems to elude many executive leaders is that people do not buy products, they buy into meanings. In Brand Innovation – our ultimate goal is to present not just an end product with an attractive brand but innovate the product feeding its own story in bringing out the character in your brand.

We pursue brand innovation as an essential component in articulating your corporate strategy. Through strategic planning, at Design Logics Connect we engage in brand innovation to help businesses implement new marketing projects.

In every brand innovation project we have engaged in, we emphasise products’ value and its unique qualities. And in creating an identity to every brand, our team of experts seeks innovative ways that brands can communicate new ideas as we believe, they are a key motivation for consumers.

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Design Logics Brand Conception
combining Insight, Identity &

From articulating a concept and bringing the brand to the forefront of everything Design Logics innovative branding is to create timeless pieces to strive in the international market. but how do we do this? our expertise lies in understanding and identifying market insights, to reach the right market segments using ideation and creative brainstorming to generate solutions. re-thinking a brand and re-creating its identity through elements of differentiation is what we are good at.

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Why is Brand Innovation Important?


Focus innovation on
strategic opportunity areas

innovation is a pivotal influence on purchasing behavior, especially in regard to how a brand’s image is reflected in the consumer.


Innovation makes competition irrelevant

Companies that operate on the creative plane, develop products that redefine their category, delighting customers with the unexpected, cementing emotional bonds and making competition irrelevant


Many markets are ready for companies with new ideas

For brands that look to expand globally, many consumers offer an exciting opportunity. Consumers are most likely to try new products and ideas in the market. Meaning brands that consistently do something different can thrive.


To Leverage and
Grow Brand Value

By adding value to your brand through innovation, you have automatically created a brand value in to growing bigger. Stay ahead of the competition in your brand positioning to create a tangible value.