“Creating to
connect in one
shared space…”

Dedicated incubator that will be a launch pad for export start-ups and more established companies where enterprises can own their working spaces and also work collaboratively in the same facility saving 28% logistics cost. A total solution hub to connect all export needs in a single location. “Design Logics Connect Hub – home for exporters”

SMEs and most export oriented companies lack apparatus to enter the export market. The stringent compliance requirements to obtain certifications, food testing ability in order to ensure global food safety policy, the right packaging and export knowledge are hurdles all SMEs and MSMEs face. Moreover, they cannot meet with minimum order quantities (MOQ) as well as they lack access to technologies that can fast track getting samples done on time.  

Design Logics Connect Hub SME incubator is a facility with access to all requirements under one shelter. Our Incubator takes care of every customer journey from the beginning to the end in creating value added products. The incubator gives access to marketing tools,  traceability and connects many supply chains in one location, which reduces logistics costs by at-least  28% for all enterprises.

Design Logics Connect Hub, takes strategic initiative to incubate Strat-ups and established exporters for a minimum of two years until they are able to function on their own independently as direct/indirect exporters.


SME incubator is located in a 10
acre facility in Yakkala within a 30 minute drive to Colombo district at an elevation of 460ft above sea level marking the highest elevation in the district.

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Design Logics Connect Hub- Export
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