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Rapid Prototyping

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a technology and apparatus for fabricating physical objects directly as a production sample. Out team of experts and designing teams excel in making prototypes as it is a design workflow that consists of ideation, prototyping, and testing. It creates space for ideation and testing new and innovative packages and other material we create at Design Logics.

Rapid Prototyping is innovative and its fast. For any SME or enterprise that is looking to test their products in the market and generate samples cost and time efficiently, our Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Sampling is the way to go. Through intelligent layout planning for rapid prototyping, from concept to execution, our designers and printing team are able to produce a sample under 2 hours to suit your purpose.

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Sorting out the paradox of MOQ
requirement with Design Logics
Rapid Prototyping

Minimum Order Quantity is one of the major hurdles every SME has to face in the current system. In our facility, we identify ourselves as the only place that does not promote MOQ. In fact one of our unique selling propositions is that through Rapid Sampling we are able to print without a MOQ for any SME that journeys with us. Be it 1, 10 or 10000 samples, we are here to cater to you with sampling and prototyping options.

What we do with sampling and prototyping

Why is Rapid Prototyping Important?



Does your buyer need a sample of your product? How fast can you get to the destination and test run it on the shelf?


Encourages Creativity

A better chance of discovering the winning idea. It also means that you’ll end up with a wide range of creative ideas giving you the ability to choose the best.


Generates Samples

No MOQ. Yes you heard it right. Through prototyping you can get samples of without wasting your money prior to testing in the market.


Product Testing

When time is money, testing concepts with real users early and often is your best bet.