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A total eco system created and shaped to connect dots from “The Farm to the Shelf”. Design logics connect is where, data, technology, supply chain management and finance management meet at a shared space to drive sustainable futures.

As an innovator in strategic branding and packaging in Sri Lanka throughout the past 15 years, Design Logics has a dedicated, dynamic history, that has shaped many organisations to become successful locally and globally.

Whilst playing a crucial role in the printing and packaging industry in Sri Lanka, Design Logics’ future vision had always been to actively participate and help SMEs & all enterprises through necessary support, increase direct export participation of SMEs and boost demand for Sri Lankan home grown agro products.

From creating space for branding and packaging for the necessary market places around the world to creating digital tools in order to empower smallholder farmers and the agriculture in Sri Lanka, to monitoring & securing SME finance management and analytics, Design Logics connect therefore was created to “connect” all dots and promote inclusive growth to our economy and country as a whole.


“connecting to create a shared future” In the most simplest forms our mission is straightforward, we want to be a leader in creating active exporters in Sri Lanka. Our Mission is to contribute 25% to the GDP in exports in Sri Lanka by 2025. By increasing homegrown brands, we want to help Sri Lanka generate more employment and help improve the livelihoods of people through a sustainable strategic approach.

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GLOBal market insights to STRATEGIES, Rapid Prototyping to container/Material OPTIMIZATION, INNOVATIVE DESIGNS to PHOTOGRAPHY, INTERACTIVE MEDIA to LOGISTICS, Design Logics Connect is a vertically integrated total solution. From articulating a concept and bringing the brand to the forefront of everything Design Logics innovative branding is to create timeless pieces to strive in the international market.

“Connecting” dots, filling in market gaps, we emerged to assess you and provide you with the best guidance and solutions. Whilst enabling Product Traceability, we want end consumers and all buyers to know that all our products are authentic and honest to goodness. Our tech empowered tools are equipped to assist all process optimisations, profit enhancements and boost current and future sales. An end to end solution is what Design Logics is all about.

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We’ve created brands, developed them and with our expertise and their support the entire brand portfolio is right now active in every corner of the world. Whilst building export oriented brands we have created a network of our valuable buyers and market places. To meet the right compliances and to go through the right channels, we are now crossing over 55,000 borders with strategic branding and packaging, taking homegrown brands in to a successive export market, with the support of leading logistics partners.