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Design Studio

Capturing Brand Quintessence Using Photography

Design Logics Photography is what brings everything together. Every brand has a story, and every story is in a picture captured, and when capturing a brand we create and deliver the lifestyle of the brand and its essence in every picture to create its identity, quality and uniqueness.

120,000 stock image library state of the art in house photo studio, cutting edge software and cameras, Design Logics Photography boasts “everything visual” and “everything photography”. Our beautiful bespoke photography gives your business an additional layer of appeal and trust. What’s more, with the average person becoming distracted in eight-seconds or less, images also give you the power to maintain the attention of your audience and essence of your brand.

Design Logics Brand Photography “Pictures worth a thousand words?”

At Design Logics our team of expertise believe that your brand photography is the library of images that can define your brand with a cohesive story behind it. Who you are? What your brand stands for? Your ethos…all of these unspoken words is captured in every photograph taken of your brand. These images can tell a stranger a stronger story about what makes your brand- organisation stand out from the rest and its unique characteristics.

Capturing Brand Quintessence Using Photography

Capturing your brand essence

Important Steps We Take


Concept & Visualisation

What’s your underlining characteristic? Does your photography communicate those attributes, or suggest something different?


Set the right mood, tone and style

Identify your target audience and catering suit their taste is important and always crucial in portraying your brand



Any and all creative decisions are made based upon the specific brand, maintaining consistency over time.