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Finishing & Packaging

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Design Logics Brand Packaging offers insight on how to successfully create strategic branding through package design. When design and packaging work together we believe that brands are elevated from a commodity to an expression of a consumers lifestyle. Brand Packaging through Design Logics gives brand owners, designers, suppliers and marketers information on innovation and design by covering topics, trends, news pertaining to consumer packaged goods.

Design Logics is a rewarded pioneer in revolutionising the packaging industry through using digital printing technologies. We are proud leaders in the industry for specialising in packaging using the latest technology in digital printing. Digital printing as we always believe, has helped Design Logics to thrive in the industry of package innovation, playing a pivotal role for the future of packaging, opening the door to exciting and creative opportunities.

Packaging has always been a means of communicating a brand’s value proposition — who your product is for and why it’s better and different than anything else on the market today. With today’s increasingly competitive consumer product landscape, in Design Logics innovative packaging, we encapsulate the critical need to stand out and  push the boundaries of design in new and unexpected ways. 

Finishing & Packaging

& Packaging

Design Logics Brand Conception Combining INSIGHT, IDENTITY & INNOVATION

Re-defining packaging

Why is Innovative Packaging important?


Attract your buyer

First impressions are always important. Thus, pack to impress your buyers, for they are your goal


Differentiate products on the shelf

It Is always important to differentiate your products from your competitors on the shelf. Similar products often needs distraction through differentiation


Protects the product

At its most base level, product packaging serves to protect the product inside


Displays and promotes the product

product packaging is how it promotes and displays the product within, it brings your brand and product story to life.