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Interactive Media

Interactive media is becoming a very attractive proposition for brands as they provide an experience inherently more engaging than any other content types. Brands can leverage this to provide unique experiences to their customers which will enable the brands to expand their reach across many consumers and leave a lasting

At Design Logics we always believe that when interactive media marketing done right, businesses are able to grow their brand awareness, differentiate from the competition, increase customer loyalty, gather qualified leads, and increase their profits.

To all out brands that come to us and journeys with us, we always advice to device your communication strategy effectively using interactive media in order to win at digital. From designing their corporate websites, introducing e-commerce platforms and communicating brand value propositions, Design Logics will assist with the right strategic direction.

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What comes with Interactive Media

Web Development

Design Logics 360 also houses a web development service that can provide you with the most visually stunning and responsive websites that are designed with your brand in mind. With our in-house developers we provide you with the tools to attract more customers and maintain your brand presence in the upper echelons of brands in the digital realm

Apps Development

Design Logics Digital is empowered with the best development brains behind the scenes to develop apps and other DLC Maitrixx Proprietary Digital Tools. We ensure our customers get the best of digital capabilities set in-house. 

Other Tech-Driven Platforms 
Any cutting-edge technology platforms for customers will be fulfilled when offering interactive media services. 

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Why is Interactive Media important?


Communication Power

Communication is the most effective way to grow your customer base and increase brand awareness.



In this day and age, consumers have endless choices and they are sharply looking for brands that engage meaningfully and personally


A Lead Generator

You can weed out any low-quality prospects with deliberate questions and targeted content.


User Engagement

It engages multiple senses at the same time. Interactive marketing combines the best elements from all these things.