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On Demand Printing

Design Logics provides on demand printing without having a large stack of inventory thus reducing costs for customers and by being able to operate on demand, enable our customers to save the costs of maintaining inventory as well Design Logics has one of South East Asia’s top state of the art facilities which is built from the ground up to cater to specific printing and finishing needs of the branding and packaging industry.Our tools enable us to produce breathtaking designs at speeds that are unmatchable.

We cover a full range of services such as Labels, Tags, Folding Cartons, Master Cartons, Role to Role and Sheet Fed with Digital Finishing with the focus firmly on speed and cost efficiency towards a customer. Our approach enables a client to move fast and fulfil purchase orders at a rapid scale while being able to operate on a lower footprint which reduces inefficiencies and garners the most margins in a printing run.


Revolutionising print

Why pursue on-demand printing?


No stock-holding required

With print on demand, you can have a digital inventory, rather than a physical one. All your titles are available to be printed whenever you need them.


Save your money

Gone are the days when start-ups, SMEs would set aside big sums of money in order to pay for large print runs.


Reduced wastage

With print on demand, is about only printed when there is demand. Print on demand can produce as little as a single copy , significantly reducing wastage in the industry.


Faster Printing

Just how quick is print on demand? The quickest to produce, with short print runs and that means it’s fast track to market.

Our Unique Propositions

On Demand Printing

Design Logics Printing and finishing team is always ready to fulfil your orders in a method where items are printed as soon as an order is made by you. We are equipped to facilitate your or


Yes. You heard it right. We mean No MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. This is one of the main export entry barriers all SMEs in Sri Lanka face. We want to reduce the economical and environmental cost that comes along MOQ.  
Fast and Efficient 
Printing services are equipped to make everything faster and better. Through enabling No MOQ, having the final production samples that are ready to go to market is effortless through Design Logics Printing.