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Give your sales a boost with POSM

We not only design your product, we ensure that your product is successful in the market place. To ensure this, we have a fully fledged production and design facility to create POS strategy and POSM (point of sale material).

What is POSM?
POSM is advertising materials that are used to communicate product information to the consumers at the point of sale. There are many types of POSMs which are used by companies for their advertising campaigns, and we give you the best strategic direction as to how to do your POS right and suit your consumer.

Do you need some shelf
communication? Design Logics
boasts innovative POSM with the
right strategy

From brainstorming and getting creative through ideation in strategising how to showcase your products at the point of sale, Design Logics team of experts, journey through stages of concept, prototyping using CAD (computer aided design). Be it a Pop display, shelf branding or pop up store – Design Logics can engineer and tailor make your POSM to give life and brand presence to your products in the best possible way.

Have you done your POS strategy yet?

Why Is POSM Important?


Boosts sales

If you want your products to succeed a POS strategy will help you easily improve your brand’s performance


Increases brand’s presence

Point of purchase marketing can be the key to easily improving your brand’s presence and image in a retail space


A good Customer Influencer

at the point of purchase (POP), the POSM can nfluence the consumer’s buying decision.


Aids In Competing

because of the diversity of communications, an effective POSM can aid in competing with the rest of the brands in a retail space