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Product Traceability

What is Product Traceability?

Product traceability, is the ability to identify, track and trace elements of a product as it moves along the supply chain from raw goods to finished products.

Contamination and recalls are changing consumer perceptions and purchasing behaviours, and eroding consumer trust. 42% of consumers buy different brands today versus 2 years ago…because they are looking for safer authentic products. Consumer confusion around the efficacy of new product health and wellness claims have also eroded consumer trust. 82% ‘agreed’ that “claims made by food and drinks products often exaggerated unproven”. Therefore as leaders in printing and packaging consumer food products,  traceability systems can serve and as that source of trusted information allowing companies and brands to connect with concerned consumers, and raise other benefits . 


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Enabling traceability through
variable data printing on all your
packages, with end-to-end supply
chain tracking and tracing

Powered by proprietary end-to-end supply chain management digital tools and tracking and tracing systems, Design Logics is now here to help you add more value to all your products through product traceability. Consumers are now able to trace back to the original source of the product, to know if it is authentic and its true farmer. Through product traceability, companies and brands get the opportunity to connect with concerned consumers.

Understanding the benefits of product traceability

Why is Product Traceability important?


Risk Management

Traceability is a risk management tool. Required is one step back and one step forward approach



The chain covers the farmer/grower up to the retailer outlet, the entire supply chain with real time details.


Internal Traceability

Internal traceability (link incoming and outgoing products & batch splitting/combinations)


Connecting consumers with the brand

Leverage traceability to protect and empower the brand, and allow the brand to connect more with consumer indirectly through the product packaging.